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Final projects are a big challenge! I started late this course when all the groups were organized. Luckily, I was welcomed at the group of David, Caitlin, Reyna. As the beginning of the academic year was overloaded by work, we couldn’t be all in touch. David organized a Slack group, so we had a channel of communication as we are working in different countries Japan, India, Germany, and China with different time zones. When we started to plan, Reyna created a Google doc to exchange some ideas and all just began.

ISTE Standards:
2c: Model for colleagues the identification, exploration, evaluation, curation, and adoption of new digital resources and tools for learning.

4a: Dedicate planning time to collaborate with colleagues to create authentic learning experiences that leverage technology.

I wanted to do the option 2: create a 2-4 hours professional development program for educators because they should be aware of the power of visual learning and how it will improve their teaching and practices through online collaboration like Flipgrid. And, I haven’t planned a PD session for educators lately.

One of the challenges that we faced was the assignment of tasks. I think we need to improve it to balance our duties. We talked about it but we never did it. Just at the spot of the events, we were sharing ideas, and just doing it.

This project reflects all the topics studied during the course. We started with the topic of creativity (video) as an introduction to visual learning, applying different visual thinking routines during the sessions and promoting opportunities to share ideas.

The participants will be introduced to concepts like design through a wide range of sources on Padlet and, the reflection in Flipgrid and self-assessment on a Google form.

Something that has impacted me on this COETAIL journey is the planning part.  I usually first work on the planner and later on the tools that I will use. On this occasion, it was a bit different as other colleagues were doing first the slide deck. Anyway, we could find ways to agree and work. This course 3 changed my practices on visual aids. And, made me reflect on the effectiveness of my practices and how I have to keep on working on that. This was just the beginning, I have to keep on practicing to create effective tools of communication with my patrons.

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I will have the opportunity to facilitate this mini-PD to a group of teachers. I want to empower them, enhance their own voice, their agency and discover ways to improve their online collaboration. I believe that if you empower an educator, she/he will transfer that to his/her students.

Access to the planner:

Course 3 PD plan

Access to the slide deck:

Course 3 project slides

Access to CARP


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