Course 2: Final project

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Thinking about the options for the Final Project, I decided to work on the “Social Media Policy’ because is an area of my interest and a huge challenge for me as I haven’t done one before. I have experience writing library policies but a Social Media Policy involves all the school community, it’s a challenging topic and a need in the educational system. This academic year, we received for the first time a policy created by the administration. It generated varied opinions among the community. So, when I had the opportunity to put into practice and learn how to write a Social Media policy, without any doubt, I joined Ryan’s group.

We were four people working in different countries: Ryan Persaud is in Brazil and Alex Macmillan, David Higginson and me in Asia. It was the first time I was collaborating in a group online. Ryan’s expertise was essential for the project, he organized on Slack a group so we were able to discuss and share docs (also through Google Drive). I have shared the policy of the school with the group, and we could find common points that are challenging in schools across the world. These ideas were already considered on the first draft, as they were common concerns.

The expertise of the members of my group and the readings were an eye-opener to me about the importance of empathy while developing policies. The impact of a well-versed policy can unite a community towards the goals of the institution. It also highlights the need to educate our students, teachers, and parents about Digital Citizenship and the use of Social Media. As educators, we cannot leave them alone, it’s our responsibility to guide and advice them on these topics.

If we found many similarities, we also found different needs as every school reality is different. I decided to exclude the area of trips as the school has different ways to manage that. I prefer to leave it to the area of communications and the leadership team. This is the Social Media Policy


For GET, I have designed a class for IB Diploma educators in which I will introduce them to Google classroom. They will be planning a Virtual Module of the United Nations dedicated to Human Rights. They will create space to debate, reflect, assess and promote critical thinking online.

This is the Unit Planner:

GET 2 final project

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