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For the final project, I have chosen a PYP Unit of inquiry ‘Where we are in place and time’ of grade 2. It’s a unit that I have done before with the teacher Mrs. Suchitra Chettri and we have collaborated in some parts of it.  On this unit, I can focus on research and organization skills and critical thinking. Also, introduce students to Destiny Discover (the library online catalog) to access to printed and online information.

The big difference is coming from my side. I have changed all my approach to planning. Finally, I can see a smooth integration of technology and creation of products as a product of the research. Even though the time expended at the beginning, clarifying my ideas about the purpose, it helped to be a focus and don’t get lost on activities.  I’m using the AASL standards so I keep on using them but adding the ‘ISTE standards for Students’.

These previous weeks, I have gone through UbD to review and understand properly how to apply it on the first stage. Also, my notes about the readings of Bloom’s taxonomy helped me to figure it out the part of Evidence and the readings of Kim Cofino. It was impossible to disconnect myself from the readings. In fact, this was the opportunity to apply all the concepts learned.

What is coming next?  I can’t predict the future. But, get ready to enjoy my new planning style!!

Here you can access to my unit planner:

Unit planner Liliana

Here you can access to the rubrics:

Google Slide rubric

Peer-assessment rubric

Self-assessment rubric




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