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“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”   Rumi

All these days I was wondering about the challenge of learning something new for 20 hours. I went through an introspection phase trying to find out what I would like to learn. As I’m totally involved with the inquiry and research process; I saw myself experiencing all those mix feelings that students faced at the beginning of a new research project, paper or Extended Essay.  According to Carol Kuhlthau, on the Model of the information Search process, users experience different feelings of uncertainty, vague ideas about the topic and seeking relevant information.

by Carol Kuhlthau

I went through the first step ‘Initiation’.  I like many things like cooking, art craft, painting, reading, etc. But,  just the act of choosing one new thing to learn, it was tough. I went from  Palette painting, learning Indian cooking …. to learn French.  I was even dreaming about my options!  When I finally decided what to learn, I felt relief and happy (optimism) [second step: selection] so my focus began to be towards planning my new journey [selection and exploration] …. learning the KonMari Method of tyding up.

After watching Josh Kauffman Ted talk, I felt inspired by the idea of learning something new in 20 hours. Just with perseverance, focus, and passion. So, when I was planning how to learn, I applied his steps: deconstructing the skill and, my challenge will be the third step: avoid distractions (procrastination). I also could connect with Mimi Ito videos about learning in social media spaces and teens. As I want to learn the KonMari method and apply it to my life,  I was engaged looking for more information and spaces to share about this.  I realized I was moving from hanging-out to messing around. It also makes reflect on my learning hero, my grandpa Pepe #mylearninghero. He was always studying something new. Even on his last days, he was studying Bonsai by post mail, at the beginning of the ’80s. He is a proved of passion for learning.

Till Groß’s Ted talk, also help me to clarify my thoughts. I’m following his steps: develop a skill,  to learn from the best and gain experience (no money) because hustle comes first. I’m learning through the Netflix show different scenarios to be organized. Reading the book ‘Sparkle joy’ by Marie Knodo, I’m learning the theory as well as on her website and Instagram. I’m learning from the best!

While writing this post, I’m realizing that I’m creating a new network and connecting with a totally different group of people. And, I’m so excited about it because I’m challenging myself to learn something new, avoid procrastination, follow a new passion and keep on with my daily life. So, I would like to ask you, when has been the last time that you decided to learn a new skill without stopping your responsibilities??……. you can’t remember.

Answer: Act now!     It will take only 20 hours.




2 thoughts on “Spark Joy!

  1. Hi Lili, I love this topic as I KonMari’d my apt years ago and I love both of her books. I’m glad that more people are learning the method with the new netflix show. I’m especially excited that you also chose a non-tech skill. I loved your self awareness about your inquiry process. Looking at the Carol Kuhlthau graph, I became more introspective on my process too. I noticed similarities with my journey as well. When I was looking for a new skill to learn, I was very apprehensive and filled with uncertainty. Once I started reading more and made a decision – I was filled with more optimism. It really helped that the reading really highlighted out of school learning and the learning opportunities that came with that. I’m currently in the exploration stage. I’m still trying to get the hang out of it, testing out pens, practicing writing, and trying different ways to hold the pens. This is probably the area of frustration that Kauffman was discussing.

    • Hi Boramy! Thanks for your reply. As you mentioned before, I decided to learn something out-of-the-box and my daily routine. I came to know about Marie Kondo on the news, then on Netflix and her book. It’s really changing my way to see with other eyes. Sometimes, we tend to accumulate or just but because you like things. But, applying her method, I’m feeling like relief!? All the uncertainty and doubts that I felt at the beginning have disappeared. I’m sure your learning path with writing and pens is not easy. But the results are beautiful. Like everything in life, just perseverance and keep on practicing to master!

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