My professional network


When I started my career as a school librarian, I began to develop a professional network that it has been changing according to my interests and vision about this career. Last seven years, I’m working in India so I had the opportunity to meet and being part of the groups of librarians here and in South East Asia. These connections developed my curiosity to go beyond, explore and research on new topics, learn from their failures and try new things and test myself. On the other hand, I also share my practices and guide other librarians, that like me, are looking for ways to become better IB school librarians.

2 thoughts on “My professional network

  1. It’s so important to allow your PLN to change as you learn & grow…I can’t wait to see how it expands to best fit your needs during your COETAIL journey!

  2. Hi Liliana,
    You are in a great place to expand your professional learning network and learn from other like-minded educators. I look forward to hearing more about your journey in the upcoming courses.

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