My professional network


When I started my career as a school librarian, I began to develop a professional network that it has been changing according to my interests and vision about this career. Last seven years, I’m working in India so I had the opportunity to meet and being part of the groups of librarians here and in South East Asia. These connections developed my curiosity to go beyond, explore and research on new topics, learn from their failures and try new things and test myself. On the other hand, I also share my practices and guide other librarians, that like me, are looking for ways to become better IB school librarians.

Hello world!

My name is Liliana Bandini. I’m a school librarian, working at IB international schools last 13 years. Before working in schools, I was an automation system librarian at the Central Library of my university ‘Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru’. As you can see, I’m from Lima, Peru but I’m working in Mumbai, India since 2011 at Singapore International School, Mumbai as Head of the Library. Being in India has been the opportunity to explore South East Asia and meet librarians from the region. Also, I participate in a local group of IB librarians from Mumbai. These opportunities to share experiences make me reflect about my practices, develop that curiosity to do new things, research and learn from others successful stories as well as failures.

I decided to join COETAIL because I always like to innovate and use technology at the library. Actually, we are developing a project using Merge Cubes and it’s amazing how students experience VR/AR. Last year, I was looking for an option to improve myself specifically on education and technology. I was reviewing ISTE standards and planning to adopt them for the library when a friend suggested me to go ahead with the Certification. I explored the option and decided to go ahead! Why now? It’s a good question. I’m working as a librarian almost 26 years. Because of different reasons (family, children, jobs, etc) I couldn’t go ahead with further studies. But, now I found an option that I can manage and grow as a professional. Expectations? so many….. I’m eager to properly learn about the use of technology in education. As a librarian, technology is around us everyday and our role is becoming more and more relevant in the development of the teaching practices, developing research skills and inspire good practices to the students and teachers.